About the owner: Cleaning is my passion

Hi! My name is Jane Marcia
I am a mother of a wonderful 18-months-old toddler, his name is David and he is the center of my world, as a matter of facts everything I do, I do it for him, we have no family close or in the country whatsoever, it is just David and Mom and we love each other ?.

I have just lost my job of 8 years due to having a baby did not allow me to give them the 12 to 13 hours a day that I used to give to them according to my salary, So I was unemployed and set to a new venture, so I decided to open a cleaning service business and dedicate my blessed time to my baby. My house cleaning service business has been around since January and I have a few happy clients and in the way to grow because they love me (or at least is what they say so).

cleaning is my passionI am originally from Brazil, I came to the USA in 2001 and I am an adult, responsible, reliable person. you can count on and trust that you will not be disappointed, also I am bonded and Insured.
I clean because cleaning is my passion, I like to organize things and make the ugly look great again… I am a very hyperactive person and I need to do works that keep me moving… I cannot standstill. Another problem (or maybe quality) that I have is… I care! I actually care for your house/office as if it was mine (Maybe even a little too much), I care for my name and reputation and I care to have your trust. Satisfaction Guaranteed

I know that a clean home provides a more pleasant and comfortable family environment. With this in mind, I decided to open a cleaning service business that would help women like me to come home after a tiring day of work and be welcomed in a clean and fresh atmosphere.

I understand that a clean house doesn’t just relieve us physically and emotionally but gives us more time to rest and spend time with family. Therefore, I started my house and office cleaning service business as a individual cleaning professional. Lots of hard work and dedication with a focus on quality at affordable prices, and today I am a proud owner of a small cleaning service business because cleaning is my passion but, it is also a great way to grow as a woman and spend time with my son.

Finding a reliable cleaning service company can be a very frustrating experience, and many people are concerned about the idea of strangers entering their homes. I understand that allowing us into your home is a big decision for you. For me, it’s a great honor and a great responsibility to serve you in the most professional, competent and safe way possible.

I usually work alone but, if at any time I need to bring someone with me, no one will step foot on your property until they have been background checked and work experience.

We use natural and eco-friendly cleaning products for you to choose and have a customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you are considering hiring a cleaning service, I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you, identify your needs, and give you a free, no-obligation quote for cleaning your home or office.
I am so certain you will love having me cleaning your home that I offer a 20% discount on the first service, I was not joking when I said that Cleaning is my passion.
if you need help you can visit the Faq’s page or use the Contact form to send me an email or, you can simply call me at (201) 737-7440.