Work for Us

All Shine Cleaning Services is currently looking for new cleaners, so if you are looking for cleaning jobs in NJ, you have come to the right place.

It can be part-time, it can be full-time, either way, we have a lot of cleaning jobs in NJ for the right person.

One of the reasons All Shine Cleaning Services is a great company to work with is because, at every job we assign to you, we create a professional environment that allows you to do your best work. You may have had a housekeeping job in NJ before, but I can guarantee that it wasn’t as good as working with All Shine Cleaning Services. Why? It’s simple; we truly care for our workers and all of our staff. Everyone who works with us is paid a great commission and is treated with respect. If this amazing opportunity sounds interesting to you, read more about the position below.

More info on why working with All Shine Cleaning Services is the best option:If you would like to apply for more jobs in the New Jersey area you will need to have to pass the following criteria:

  • You must speak fluent English
  • You must have residential experience
  • You must pass a full background.

We are a highly recommended service, and our customers know that we always provide flawless service. So the only thing we ask of you when working with us is to treat both the customers and the staff with respect, that way our reputation and high standards remain intact.